bad walk home

Date: 4/4/2019

By hibris

It started off in a car wash with some friends(maybe skipping school?) but turns out someone who I might’ve rejected was harassing me telling me creepy shit like they knew where I lived and that they where gonna kill themselves but kill me first? I ended up missing the bus which is probably why I was at the car wash skipping school and forgot to make it back to school on time, and it’s a LONG ways back home, and in the trip home I have to go through this tunnel which was the main reason I didn’t wanna do, as I was walking home I ran into my crush lmao and we talked but he couldn’t walk with me all the way to the tunnel because his house was nearby, he left and I passed a gas station where I found my AUNT but like her and my mom where on bad terms and she was super hesitant to take me home, she said she would drop me off at a house that was closer to my destination but I still have to pass the tunnel, she dropped me off at her friends house and the last thing I remember is RUNNING so hard because I wasn’t gonna make it home on time before my mom and I’m the dream I never even made it through the tunnel so I don’t know how that ended?