BFF's with Neil Gaiman

Date: 5/24/2017

By sleepdebtfairy

I was best friends with Neil Gaiman, my favorite author. We were on some kind of boat or bus with a lot of other people. I had a suitcase and when I came in I asked to sit somewhere where there was space with another girl but she told me it was full. I sat at another set of chairs by myself and put up my luggage. Then my BFF Neil Gaiman showed up for a little while and we talked and then he went somewhere else - and the girl who shunned me before was totally surprised/jealous. She asked me a bunch of questions. She asked if we were together as a couple and I was like "Na, we're just good friends." Neil gave me some kind of ticket go get ice cream in New York. I think we were going from the south (U.s) to New York to London.