Running, Goats, Taking Care Of Myself

Date: 9/19/2019

By Ether_Erebus

i woke up once before there, the dream was weird but I can’t remember it. I went back to sleep and this was the second dream: Third person POV and first person POV. I’m living at s home that looks like our area, but it’s different. Idk what happens before, but I’m running but my running is really slow, there are people behind me who are walking nearly as fast as I am running. When I’m walking, I try and overtake them but end up just walking beside them and then I start running and I don’t seem to be running fast at all. I’m beginning to run and I hear a scoff of the guys who I just tried to overtake. I turn around and say “fuck you” and show them my middle finger. One of the guys yells out to me, “we all have to start somewhere, I was the same when I was overweight .” But I don’t want to listen to him so I keep running. It’s mid evening at that time. I’m on my Way home from the run I keep jogging and when I get past this one corner house, my jacket snaggs on some part of the fence of someone’s house. They see me and I say, “Sorry, I’ll pay for the damages.” And I look over and it’s the guys who scoffed at me earlier sitting with their head down on chairs in front of the garage. They’re brown and skinny but their dad is black and buff. The dad walks over to me and starts telling me, “you always do stuff for other people and your dad. Take care of him, feed him, do everything for him. This time be selfish and do something for yourself.” And as he’s saying that there’s a slideshow of this person (who’s supposed to be me) taking care of everyone but herself. Then there’s a random goat that comes in and is kind of acting like a dog. It tries to jump on me but I keep saying no. Then, as I’m fighting it off, I see he one nice guy from the pair of scoffed at me, coming Out in a goat costume trying to scare the little goat off. But at the same time, the “mama” goat, who’s all buff and everything comes out and starts to pull the guy up by the shirt and hit him. I say stop and tell them what happened. The mom goat just looks unhappy with her kid and takes them home. When I turn again, my house is under, in the cement area of the driveway, like a basement, but there’s stairs to a room that looks kind of like a store front with all these lights going from inside that make the inside look like an arcade. Then I wake up.