solitare and fighting aliens (?)

Date: 8/27/2017

By kathyad7

I woke up various times through out the night and played spider solitare (I've been playing it quite a lot in my normal life). There are flashes of what seems like a story line: I am part of some kind of alien killing team but the aliens looked human. While chasing one down a strange man gave me a special weapon and said that he neither on my side or theirs. He is running and takes a right turn. When I make that turn he is no loger there. I keep walking a few blocks later I see the alien that I am supposed to exterminate, I use the weapon I was given earlier and is quite efective. I look over and my fighting partner appears. When I look back at the alien he has shifted into a bloody toddler. I was shocked and the toddler starts to counter attack, he gets away. At some point I am gettin ready for a trip but I forgot my Passport at my house. It seems as if this trip is me moving out of the house. I left my cat with my parents who are together (not in real life though). There were 2 other orange cats.