Mocked by Mafia: cold revenge

Date: 8/14/2017

By ultraweaklisk

I worked for an organization which, I did not initially know, was a front for criminal activities. Somehow I found out eventually and I felt threatened. I went to the warehouse, which was well organized and had a modern yellow look. The warehouse employees wore denim worker's caps and pushed carts around. I went straight to the boss and confronted him. He and one of his bodyguards, a big, bald, goateed man, mocked and threatened me. I was in danger of getting cornered in the warehouse, but managed to make it out of the building. I had to act fast to protect my loved ones, so in the next scene, I was stealthily killing the obvious criminals around a mansion. In the next scene, some of the higher ups had escaped, and a car chase ensued. I managed to cripple them using firearms which I got from them when a helicopter showed up. The helicopter took damage and crashed into the car, cutting it in half with it's blades. The authorities arrived and started chasing me. I was on a black motorcycle and was fully dressed in black leather motorcycle clothes. I escaped into a residential area, got rid of the bike and clothes, and peace returned. But I still felt anxious, lost, and empty. I got on a bus and headed home.