A ghost tried to possess me

Date: 9/7/2019

By aaatisu

I think I was at my high school again but places were shifted at different locations. I decided to sit on a bench in what seemed to be the old extended cafeteria before but now is just a resting/productive area near the classrooms. When I looked to my right, I saw a girl with a different uniform crying. She was black and white in my vision like from an old movie but I didn't mind her. Time passed and I decided to stand up and wait for my classmates in front of the room. A burst of students walked out of the doors and crowded the hallway when the bell rang. I was able to see my college friends and some colleagues but they just walked past me, busy talking to each other about something in the class. I hesitated to walk over to them so I decided go back to the bench when I saw Pat and Alex already sitting there. We gladly greeted each other as it has been a long time since we've last met. A high school classmate of mine was also there and we were suddenly on a topic of cookies. She took out a tupperware of cookies from her bag and gave it to me. I thanked her and decided to taste one. It was a bit crumbly but still good. I asked her what ingredients did she use since I'm starting to take interest in baking. I followed another HS classmate who walked by and asked her the same question since I thought she used to sell brownies on facebook. When I got back to the bench, Pat and Alex were not there but they've left their bags on the table. I saw them far at the grounds taking pictures with other people. I sat down on the bench and waited for them to come back. 10 minutes must have probably passed and I wondered what was taking them so long. I looked behind me and the girl I saw earlier was still crying when suddenly other black and white girls approached me. I realized then that they were ghosts that's why they were black and white. I got scared and my surroundings were quickly going dark. One of the girls asked me what was my name but I didn't give her any attention. She kept on asking me so I told her that I don't talk to strangers. I hid my ID in my hands but she noticed that so we started fighting over it. At some point over the fight, she was slowly disintegrating into light and was like entering or possessing me. I suddenly remembered from something I've watched that those people with weak faith are the ones most likely to get possessed so I started praying The Lord's Prayer followed by 10 Hail Mary. I was probably at my 4th Hail Mary when I was like transported to an old rocky hallway and saw some of my friends pass by me. They didn't see me struggling there and I was too afraid to break off the prayer just to get their attention. I saw a door across the hallway so I entered there and continued to pray. It felt like I've gone over 10 prayers already but after 2 more I woke up. I was still praying in my mind when I woke up so I finished it off with one Glory Be and a Hail Holy Queen. Now I have a bit of a stomach ache and am wondering what made to dream like that 😭.