Date: 7/1/2019

By stev54356

Where do I even begin I’ll generalize it till the end during my whole dream I was being hunted down by the feds and I remember we were in a swamp area with the shooter squad and I was bob lee and then we saw dudes and we had a shoot out then a lot of them came so we hopped in boats and dipped but the thing is I hopped on a croc that had a mounted LMG on it and I rode it going fast down the river I was fighting off the dudes then next thing you know little kids saying meme reference started showing up in boats then it connected to this one Dream I had a long time ago to where all these rappers were at a lake sorta thing and they would pop out the water saying a line from a famous song they had like lil uzi popped out the water like Jesus saying “yeah, yeah, yeah , yeah” which was funny and then after a few more rappers came out the dream ended