Why zombies?

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

Me and my mom were shopping in a store that seemed like a Big Lots or something (I don't know, the dream started with us inside that store). This black woman came to to me and my mom for a second and started talking to her. Then they told me and the other woman's son to go to another store down the street and get something else. Her son was like 20 years old or more. When we were leaving the store I heard his mom ask mine "Who the fuck is Jennifer Lopez?" And I laughed and told the guy, but he never talked to me. It was dark outside and we had to walk up this interstate ramp thing like the ones in malfunction junction in Birmingham. He got way ahead of me really quickly. Then I got to this shopping center and it was daylight again and I think some people were screaming about zombies. I looked around and saw them too. You almost couldn't tell who was a zombie because some of them were running and only their faces were grey and they had dark almost black circles around their eyes. I ran into a store because some people said that it was the only store that didn't have zombies in it, so I went in there. When I went through the doors, they had, like, a wall of buggies or shopping baskets or something and they were blue. I pushed through one side and got into where the people were, and then I just left. As I was leaving I turned around to look into the store again and I saw a zombie, so I pulled the wall of whatevers towards me with a hand before I ran outside. When i was outside I saw several people and maybe two zombies among them. One was a woman in a purple shirt carrying something or holding a kid's hand (I can't remember). She turned a little and saw me, and she tried to get me. I started running way around her hoping she couldn't catch me, but she started running too. Then I ran into the street in front of the stores, even though I looked and saw a white car coming towards me before I got in the road. That's all I remember.