Swimming to England with my campers

Date: 3/8/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of April 12th It jumped around a lot but basically I was trying to get to camp but my friend said the bridge crashed so I had to swim there at night. She warned me about water moccasins but I didn't feel like staying by myself so it was pitch dark out and I just had my head down and kept swimming until I got around the mountain and I finally got there but I couldn't climb up the rocks so I needed help. Then it jumped to a scene where it was really bright out and I needed to get the kids to their next skill but no one could drive except me and the prostaff gave me a jeep I could drive and it was brand new so I was scared driving it bc the wheel was on the other side. I thought I was in England after that so I ditched the car and took the kids to their next skill walking which took like 3 hours for some reason. And that's all I remember from it