Date: 3/19/2017

By lucid Bushugi

I was with my cousin and john. we were at my cousins house and it was raining, we went into his backyard to see if his parents were home. I had a pack of Marlboro and I didn't want his parents to see me with them. Noone was home and nick and John went to the grey van to pack things in it. outta nowhere these two girls said hi to me. I said what's up and I asked them if they live in long island, they said yeah. I told them I'm from queens. they asked me if I wanted to hang with them. I was hesitant because I didn't wanna ditch nick and John but I wanted to get pussy so I said sure. we went to some park and I was sitting down with the Spanish shortie. forgot what we were talking about but I went to kiss her and she moved away a bit and I was kissing her neck, she asked me if we were gonna go out and i said no. then she kissed me back and we were making out.