Retreat Center

Date: 8/14/2019

By fly_like_phoenix

I had a dream of me,my brother,my mother and my grand mother going to visit some churches. Me my mother and brother were actually not in a happy mood because we were angry with each other for something my brother told. We then got into one church with so many people. And there was a retreat going on inside.My other family relatives where also there. But They did not notice me .I remember my uncle asking to sing a song and at last my mother started to sing a song. Following it everyone(only females) of my family started to sing from where one stopped.Then My mother told them that I could dance. BUT i told no. There was devotional music playing in the background. It was a song I had always heard and I knew it very clearly. But now I cannot recollect the name. Then The priest started talking. He asked us do you know any murder that happened recently. He then came near me and askes. But I couldn't remember . I then told him a murder that happened years before .A girl called Saumya was murdered brutally by a man. My aunt asked me about the person who murdered the girl .I told her that he was a serial killer. Then someone told that he was also murdered. Then the priest started talking something and everyone started to listen to him carefully. Still I could hear the devotional song playing in the background.