Margaret Thatcher meddles with powerful forces beyond her control

Date: 7/12/2017

By biscuit

I was working for a self-proclaimed mystic, going from island to island and collecting honey with a group of other people. I eventually realized we were being conned by the man, and I tried to leave as soon as possible. He didn't like that idea, and he tried to stop me. Then my dream changed, and I was working in a bathhouse. It had mixed bathing in the middle, and men and women's sections on either side of the mixed area. A couple came in at one point, and I accidentally directed them to the opposite gendered rooms. The girl collapsed and looked nauseous upon realizing she was about to go into such a place. Then my dream changed again, and I helped Margaret Thatcher collect different ingredients to make a certain chemical salt that was essential in the summoning of Cthulhu. It was acid green and sinister-looking, and she compressed the powder into pills for easier storage. When she had collected the final ingredient, I tied her up there in the lab and started pouring oil everywhere. I was going to burn the place down, and destroy the secret of making those pills at the source. She didn't plead for her life, but she did keep ranting about how my actions were useless in the long run, because He Waits Dreaming For The End Of Times. I set the building on fire then.