watching a scary videogame

Date: 2/2/2017

By oscinian

Watching a horror movie This is really weird. It's like I'm in a nightmare, but nothing's after me. I'm a floating point of consciousness following and watching things as if it's a movie; I have an odd lack of fear for those I'm watching as though they're actors in a movie. Anyway. A group of young adults in their mid twenties, normal clothing, is walking through a cobblestone [sewer or aqueduct, smell isn't noticed]. Yellow torches light the area, some places are patches of dark between the torches. They've seen some monsters already apparently and aren't really scared. I think they too might be playing themselves except their videogame selves are the ones I'm seeing (they enjoy/feel ambivalent rather than scared towards the monsters). A bit ahead of where they're going, far enough they can't see, is a perpendicular fork in the sewer cave/aqueduct where a dark humanoid figure (completely inky black, blobby sphere for a head detached from a limbless body that reaches the ground) within the solid walls conjures some monsters into the fork. These monsters are more serious as I somehow realize that they have the ability to kill the video game people outright. The monsters look like terriers except larger and with six pointy robot legs each that act like spider legs. The group encounters the monsters unaware of their danger because they've never seen the monsters before. The group members don't yet know how dangerous the monsters are. One of the monster dogs jumps onto a group member's head and latches on like a facehugger. It stays on for a few seconds and then both it and the group member disappear. The group now knows that the monsters are dangerous and bring out [swords/sword like weapons]. The spiders apparently spit out hazard-neon-goo. Everyone in the group dies while fighting. I see people in a white room with hardwood floor as a flash, probably living room I wake up