Mom's a Player, Wrathful Aliens, A God in a Shopping Mall

Date: 7/25/2017

By Fitful

I'm on the street in winter time, it's night time and cold and I'm with a man who makes these fabulous beans everyone loves. There is a line stretching up and down the street, people waiting for their beans. The beans are really good, but I'm scooping out the bottom, just along the edges where the bottom meets the sides. There the beans are rotting, only there the rest are good. People are inquiring very noisily as to what I'm doing. It's because I'm behind the counter and taking bowls full and tossing them. I kept talking about these being my favorite beans and the only ones I buy. They are blackbeans, or kidney beans. There is some confusion as to which, either black kidney beans, or blackbeans which taste like kidney beans. ~ I'm out with a couple of the men my mom and I live with. They're brothers and she's dating them. I've been trying to get one of them to understand something, it's been an ongoing argument and I just know if I can break through his wall of stubborn ignorance I can get somewhere. So I keep pushing and pushing, using words to nettle him. Nothing rude or inflammatory, but trying to push him into a temper. He finally snaps and grabs me by the throat choking me, and whispers some threat. His brother isnt around to see. I'm quiet and we go home, I'm feeling scared and insecure, as if now I'm not safe in my own home. I want to leave. I go to spend time with my sister but change my mind. She is either laying on her bed, or she is a spirit attached to the clothes laying on her bed. I find my mom instead. She is on the phone with anther man telling him all about how her boyfriends don't like her talking to him. That they don't understand she can't be with anyone man, she can't be kept. I thought ironically that she actually used that truth to reel in men, by saying that very thing she made each man to believe he could be the one to tame her. I wanted to tell her about the man choking me but she held up a finger for me to wait and I decided not to, after all i didn't want to make waves. ~ I was sitting with two kittens on my lap. I had been petting them since they were babies trying to decide if they would make good pets to take home. But while they liked being petted, they didn't like me. I was looking online, scrolling down my mobile phone, for the perfect pet. It was all cat pictures. I reasons it out like this, It seemed perfect dream logic. I reasoned I had to get an older cat, that the younger ones like kittens would love me only until they got to know me. But a older cat would love me for myself. I don't think it had anything to do with age, but depth of connection, or length of time spent together? ~ I was storming to the building I worked for, I was probably going to die. I had to stop something. The company and my boss had managed to do something terrible which brought down golden aliens upon us. They were currently above the golden trees in their golden ship ready to blow up the building and the surrounding area. I set two of my friend who were witches away, they couldn't help and i sent them where they would be safe from the blast. I took one friend with me and we entered the building. It was just finished constructing, ready for the launch of its first day on the market. My boss was beaming over everything and not listening finally I just killed him. He was an idiot and never going to listen. Even after he was dead he kept talking, going on and on about how it was such a good idea. I killed another guy who was also closely linked to the plan, not as important but still culpable. For a while the killing left me unsettled. Even though I knew they diserved it, it bothered me I had killed. In confusion I was cruel to the store clerk who's job it was to fill things with a nosel. I'm not sure why, but me and my companion felt better after mocking him. He was sorta mockable. We ended up collecting a few more friends to journey with, trying to reach the top floor of the building, and i had a pink toilet brush in my hands which I used once to clean a toilet bowl. We ended up in a convenience store, which resembled a sparsely stocked Marshall's and a dollar store rolled together. I was tired of holding the toilet brush so when I found other new ones like it I left it with them. A friend of mine, female, asked me if I could buy her this lacy dress, which was only lace and nothing else. Something to wear in the bedroom. I was about to say no but she grumbled at me I had just recieved a lot of money and didn't even spend it. I realized she was right, I was a billionaire but I hadn't spent any of the money worried it might disappear, that it was too good to be true. I realized I wanted new clothes anyway and decided it was time to go shopping. I went to pull a lace dress off a hanger when I realized a women who was shopping, the dress in her cart had gotten snagged with the hanger ribbon on my dress. I tried to get them unstuck but it didn't work. Finally the woman noticed I was molesting her cart, trying to get my dress unstuck, offended she called the store clerk. She, the store clerk, came over and fixed it but refused to let me buy the stuff in my hands. Told me to stop buying weird clothes, all I had was a black lace dress, which actually looked respectable, and a black leather coat it did look to big for me, much too big as did the dress, but i had picked out my size. I wasn't really comfortable buying leather anyway so I put the stuff back. Then from under the clothes rack Peter grabbed me, he was bleeding and broken. Then it wasn't Peter, and he wasn't hurt. It was his brother. My mind spun to a halt for a moment because we all knew Peters brother was a god. I was shocked and he flexed some magic aura thing and I felt his presence. There was no doubt he was a god. I felt instant devotion and fell to my knees. He was quick to reign himself in and we talked about Cannites and some resin stone ball which looked like polished wood. Or it was venom polished to look like wood. He told me some important information.