Suicide Pact

Date: 1/5/2020

By caitlynm14117

I was riding with at least two other people in a car on the interstate. I can’t remember if I was in the back or the passenger seat but I wasn’t driving. We’re passing some of those big green signs that go over the interstate that tell you what cities are at what exits and whatnot. I look to my right in the lanes going the opposite direction and see this kid about my age (17) standing on the railing of the sign like he’s going to jump. Then I realize there are two people on the signs above the lanes going in the direction I’m going. I see the kid to my right jump off and get hit by a car, and I’m praying that the people on the signs above us won’t jump down when we pass because I don’t want to be the car that hits them. They do jump down and the car I’m in runs over this girl. I looked away so I didn’t see anything, but I remember asking the other person in the car that wasn’t the driver, “is there blood? Can you see the blood?” For some reason we never stopped to file a police report or anything. Somehow the scene changed and I was in this limbo sort of place talking to the ghosts of these kids who committed suicide like that. Even tho I only say 3 there were between 4-6 in this limbo room. They were all upset because they realized it was a dumb decision. Somehow me being in that room freed them from their limbo and they all got a second chance again. Then the scene changed and it was the first day of school. I was in this big college lecture hall thing but we were all sitting at these long tables that were sideways to the big projection screens they use in colleges. One of the girls from the limbo room was sitting next to me. I remember the teacher/professor asked everyone what they did over the summer, and someone talked about seeing the suicide pact. For a second I thought about talking about how I freed the suicide pact people, but I didn’t and ended up talking about something else. After I was done talking, the girl whispered to me “thank you” because I didn’t talk about the suicide pact.