Pools, Polo and Pistols

Date: 8/15/2017

By Gooseberg

This dream started in Cornwall, I was at the beach on an overcast and windy day, watching the surfers and the RNLI lifeguards. I was then at an outdoors pool, but with all the staff from CIP. Lots of children came in for a polo tournament, and the floor of the pool was super shallow, then super deep, then super shallow again. I was on poolside watching the children struggle to swim, I then found a revolver pistol in my pocket as well as several rounds, shotguns shells and hollow point bullets. I took out the pistol and started shooting people, including Toyah, a manager, and Tony the cleaner. I eventually had shot them all besides a few of my friends that work there, I also don't recall shooting any children, they just disappeared. I was looking down the sights of the gun the whole time, then reloading new bullets. I eventually ran out of bullets, but there was no one left.