A Dream After School

Date: 8/15/2017

By Yoshimi

I fell asleep after school. I was waiting at the busbay in my school I don't know why but it was pretty empty. there were rumors about a student which I don't quite remember about, he saw me at the busbay with either his friend or brother but definitely someone a bit younger than him, he handed me a file, whatever he said was a blur but something along the lines of 'don't tell anyone' I remember he seemed like a good person so I was like 'whatever sure' then some teachers came out of nowhere and started to chase or try to catch him which they weren't able to do, I was completely lost but I remember yelling out his last name but he never turned around, soon after I put the file in my bag 2 girls which I assume we're my friends came up to me and started talking about the incident,I had the urge to look for this person so as soon as got out of the school gates I went through many alleyways to find this person which I wasn't able to do since this dream was interrupted by my younger brother saying that it's dinner.