My Celebrity Crush

Date: 6/13/2017

By Binzieboop

My Celebrity Crush, Danny (i wont say his last name), came up to me while I was walking my dog. he sprayed with something that hypnotized me to fall madly in love with him. He brought me inside me house, put my dog back into her kennel, and locked both of us in my parent's bedroom. He did nothing to me. We watched tv and he demanded me to lay next to him while he wraps his arms around me. I heard a bang and knew it was my parents and brother coming home. I told him that he needs to leave or else they will find him. He got up and began to leave as I left the room to greet my parents. My parents found him and threw him outside. for some reason the police and everyone from my school was there. As they dragged Danny away from the scene, I told my friends what happened. I didn't, however, tell them that I still love him.