aborted baby from witcher 3

Date: 3/6/2017

By SarchuN

I dreamt I woke up in my dorm room and saw door open and I usually sleep naked because I'm alone and as I closed the door I turned around and almost died of shock because a woman was standing there, thin, medium to small size with straight medium brown hair.. and then she said sth and in my dreams I somehow realised that was the woman who had an abortion in this same room with her bf on her own.. and she said she's gonna change my sheets first and I was like no I'm covering myself with them and she said she needs to and I got dressed.. then her bf came and suddenly their aborted baby appeared (the same one as in witcher 3) and she wanted food ... and then the mom gave that creature to me and I had to adjust the curtains as it was too bright inside.. and the baby started biting my neck and it was really creepy so the woman said I need to feed her.. and I did and she returned to a normal baby girl and then the surroundings changed to a small town and I was driving in the back with that woman and her bf and child and got somewhere nice in the nature and I had to carry the baby around and she fell asleep eventually... and I was about to put her into bed and then she woke up and was hungry again so I fed her.. and then one guy (idk if he was family or not) said her home is in the town before and wanted me to drive his car.. and I said I'll drive her home cuz I know where she lives if he gives me address but I refused to drive his car because it wasn't insured for a young driver... and then I woke up I guess