jamaica or thailand

Date: 2/13/2017

By parniyan22

I was in toronto i believe but i thought i was in thailand because we were in china town. I was with my father in the dream, we went to what seemed to be a fruit shop that is outside. When we got to the fruit shop everyone that was working there was jamacian i decided to buy some fruit. I bought two mangos off an employee who looked like Stanley from the show "The Office ". The total for two mangos was $5.05, I gave Stanley a 20 dollar bill and a nickel so i could get $15 back. But Stanley distractingly gave me back $10 and bagged the mangos. I then got very mad and told him to give me back the $5 dollar he owes me but he kept on arguing and saying i was wrong and that he gave me the right amount of change. The cash register was the same one as the one we have at big bear so i knew how to use it , i printed the receipt but he kept fighting me and trying to take it. Then all of a sudden Stanley was big and the size of Shaq and my alarm went off right after that.