Dragons Attack the School

Date: 7/8/2017

By SeeksInferno

This was not the most vivid or long dream. I was in school during some sort of dragon ceremony when they all got out, and several more dragons began to breathe fire at the school. Several people died, and we all rushed inside to get to the stairwells, which were considered safe locations during an event like this. All I remember is us sitting there for hours waiting for the dragons to leave. While we're there I'm sitting with a girl from class and we're making jokes and laughing, it's all a good fun time. Then, the assistant principals voice came over the loudspeaker, telling us it was time to go back to class. I went to my media class(which was apparently a thing in my dream) which was a very large classroom with all the lights off and the projector playing some sort of movie. My friend in that class greeted me excitedly, saying something along the lines of,"Where were you? All the others [in our friend group] graduated already!" The teacher came by and told us to quiet down, all I said was,"Dragons. I'll graduate soon don't worry." And we both sat down and watched the movie. I woke up.