BDSM and weird hugging

Date: 7/5/2019

By missskillshots

So it started out as a text I got from an old friend? Or boyfriend I don't know. We dated for a week when I was in grade 9 and that's it. We were friends before but now we live in completely different countries and I never kept tabs with him (David). So he texted me telling to come out to this park area which I did and he was hanging out with his friends, just to note that I already didn't want to go... I just went for a reason I can't remember. When I arrived he was like talking about being gay so I was getting more comfortable. But I wasn't in the conversation at all, just him and his friend chatting. After that I decided I wanted to go home because I didn't fit in but it was 20 minutes until my boyfriend got home and it took me like 40 minutes to get to this park. I was really worried what he might think, that I went to the park with two boys, even though it wasn't like that and I didn't ask permission first as well. But after seeing I have no ride I texted him if he can pick me up and he said okay. I was walking to find an address for him to find me at which I used my phone to just track my location. After that I sent it to Henry(my boyfriend). It got weird after that. On my way to the highway side my friend David and his friend were detectives or something. We were at the crime scene and the reason they said for me to come over. It was a guy in bdsm chains around his neck and a spear through his back into his chest and was propped up by it. And a girl or something I didn't really see too closely, but she was in a leather suit. After examining it for a bit I decided to go to the highway. Somehow I don't know how, I was on another journey. I was in a basement with these two other girls, but it was more as if I was watching the past. This guy was in the chains as I saw at the crime scene. But the two other girls happened to be his younger sisters, and were locked up and were crying and shouting. Something happened that I can't recall and they set him free and they tied up the leather lady and the youngest sister put a spear through her back into her chest just like we saw at the crime scene, but instead of the guy it's the leather girl. What happened I believe is the leather girl had them locked up for a while and oh I forgot to mention my friend David had come to the conclusion that this guy had been doing BDSM for a while, so maybe it was his hobby and someone just took it too far. So what really happens was the leather lady had them locked up for a while and used him everyday and it made it look like it was his hobby when it wasn't. But the sisters finally got free and helped rescue the brother. They all escaped with me and I told them to follow me. For some reason there are like 5 of us now. (A wife, the bdsm guy is the husband and the two sisters which is now his daughters idk) it made sense in the dream. So we're running away and just to note they are all naked. We're on the highway and cars are passing by and I told them my boyfriend is on the way and I can take them to my home. They all jumped in this green leafed Lake thing to hide their nakedness because everyone was staring because the knew these people were the ones in the crime scene. While I was constantly checking my phone to see where my boyfriend was, my friend David came and hugged me tightly from behind and I was trying to push him off until we fell into the lake too. It felt like he was pulling me down and I kept asking for the family to help me. After I eventually got free I pushed David off, because I was feeling really guilty. What if my boyfriend was coming down the road and saw this?? A guy I didn't tell him I was hanging out with was hugging me. So David left but I kept having guilty feelings about everything. Is he gonna ask me why I'm here? Is he going to be okay with taking the naked family home? Did he see David hug me? All these questions. I don't know how I know, I just do but my boyfriend was fine with taking the family home and he didn't see anything with David. He was just asking me who this other guy was who just sent me the address to the place was, and I could easily tell and explain the truth and was no harm. But the weird thing how my dream ended was I kept waiting. Checking my phone knowing he'll be here any second but I was impatient and waiting. It didn't stop and then I woke up... 🤔