Stewie Killed My Family Help

Date: 3/24/2017

By kodokushoujo

All I remember is the cast from Family guy being our neighbors and stewie plotting a devious plan to get us all killed. I warn my family about him and my dad agrees but my sister still wants to forgive him. She lets him in and he has pens turned weapons filled with gun powder. He shoots my family but not in any vital places and later comes after me. Little did he know, I was prepared and knocked his gun out his hand but he pulled out a knife. He almost slashes my hand off but I take the knife and cut his head from his neck. He instantly transforms into an iphone (?) but I slice it in half. I run away to somewhere and end up at a hospital. I catch the attention of a blonde woman and she was going to drive me to the police in her car but she didn't believe me that much so I got out, she mumbled behind her breath that she wanted to believe me. I run again and end up at a police station. The guy tells me come in and the detective starts drawing me sitting down and later interviews me to hear my story. I was crying so much I couldn't even talk.