Child of a powerful god

Date: 7/12/2019

By votaco

My dream started or with the scene of an old man carrying out a cute child who’s sleeping. He’s emerging from a river and handing her over to his subordinates who are waiting by the river on land. He tells them that she should go to school and that she is safer on earth. The next scene is her on school looking like a teenager and she’s fooling around. The school is a very modern boarding school. She goes in and out of rooms making a fool or herself and asking questions that make people uncomfortable. She asked one guy to turn around to see him shirtless. She wanted to see if he had boobs like her. Meanwhile the subordinates are trying to buy her a bra. They’re guessing her cup size and argue over bra styles. It jumps back to the girl who is still fooling around only this time she inciting the school queens rage. She talked to the school queens boyfriend. She stole her umbrella because some person tricked the girl into taking a “free” umbrella. While the girl was outside and having fun in the sun the school queen finds out. The next scene consists of the school queen finding out and asking why this girl is trying to challenge her. So she tries to get her revenge by spilling water on the girl. The girl is annoyed and doesn’t retaliate until the school queen is putting on her face mask and realizing that it stings her face. The scene then jumps to the girl chasing after the subordinates who still haven’t figured out what bra to give her. She wants them to buy her more makeup. They knowing this try to run away however she catches up and manages to get another makeup palette from them. They try to convince her to give back one other makeup item and it takes her awhile to give it up. The next scene I’m not sure if it’s part of part of the same dream. It invovles me in someone who is trying to kill this merman. However he’s explaining that the creatures of the sea the mermaids and merman are not supposed to be evil they are supposed to be still like the deepest waters or something like that. However what we end up finding out is that they are very susceptible to this this evil creatures bite. It’s a cat with yellow eyes that is this evil creature and it is selective or the mermaids it bites. He sacrifices himself and pulls chains that other merman who also wanted to help are stuck pulling for eternity because of a curse on the chains. He helps them finally pull it and let the last of the mer people escape. He lets out some of the monsters. The next scene cuts to the girl putting on make up skillfully. She having fun and talking about how much she likes pink. The next scene cuts to the subordinates trying to figure out how much she likes pink so they show her a palette that is all blue and barely any pink and asks her what she thinks of the color. She points to the few colors that are similar to pink. She says she likes them because it’s almost pink. They try again and she keeps doing the same thing. The next scene jumps back to the girl exploring the outside world. She passes by a train raised up on a tall platform. The scene then changes to her waiting in line to listen to Christmas music. The man at the end is dressed up as Santa. She finally gets to him and hands him a snack bar. Entry fee is free so he just thanks her and hands her the handout with the songs. Then my dream ends.