Snake killing, Poison, and cheating

Date: 7/15/2019

By bearhug

My dream started out with me walking down a sidewalk in my old neighbor hood in Maryland. I got a text from an old (ex?) Friend bella saying she needed to talk and that I should try to come back to the groupchat which I Ieft cause I found out people were talking behind my back and I got upset. I ended up not opening the text and continued walking until my 8th grade teacher from Italy drove up next to me. I forgot what we talked about but I eventually got into her car and we drove to this little patch of woods surrounded by a giant field. In the woods were these rainbow iridescent snakes that she was collecting. She was going to kill them for jewelry but since I had no use of them, i just watched. My dream cut off immediately there and started a new one with me in my 7th grade science teachers bathroom. I was pouring poison in the bathtub as well as insect guts. Eventually once it was full I put a spider in front of the liquid to see if it would work and the second he touched the bathwater he died. Then my dream kind of merged with a different dream. It was still the same setting of being in the bathroom but the plot changed I guess. My 7th grade teacher, Ms.Jolly, came in and instantly proposed to me with this weird sunflower hippy ring. I was aware that I had a girlfriend in this dream but for some reason I felt pressured to say yes to her proposal even though we hadn't shared any words before that moment. We went to her living room to watch movies and I could tell she was trying to kiss but the whole time I felt like throwing up and wanted to get away from her. I somehow ended up in a foodcourt with bella and my bestfriend Omar. I was talking about how I needed a way to let Ms.Jolly know we cant be together but also to not let my girlfriend know. My friend grey popped up randomly and I instantly stopped talking about it. I'm pretty sure it's because she was Ms.Jolly. Not like Ms.Jolly was hiding in greys body but the dream decided it wanted to change up who proposed to me. So now Ms.Jolly is grey. It was awkward and bella caught on that I wanted to stop talking about it but omar kept asking. My girlfriend ended up being in the cafeteria and hearing omar talk about it. She started yelling and flipping out and I couldn't tell if she was yelling at me in Portuguese or if she was just using some higher up language that my dummy thicc brain couldn't recognize and that's all I could remember.