Enter the Rebellion

Date: 1/20/2017

By biscuit

I was Luke Skywalker, and I had to stop an imperial invasion. I didn't have any Jedi powers, though. I somehow snuck onto a star destroyer, and changed into some uniform I found lying around. I took out the shield generators, but then I ran into the worst possible person. A childhood friend of mine who clearly recognized me was there, and he was the last person alive on the floor. We tried to shoot each other, but neither of our blasters would work. We managed to get some, and then we had a sort of a Mexican standoff. I cheated and won, but it was necessary to save the rebellion. He wasn't dead when he hit the floor, so I shot him again. It was sad. Then the battle was over, and one of the officers was congratulating me for my valiant efforts. We were all standing on top of the star destroyer, and then the part I was standing on sort of twisted off because it was so broken. I managed to hang on, so I was okay. It was stressful, though. Then I tried to find a way back to the planet I had started on.