One Night at Fred Meyers

Date: 1/18/2017

By QueenKarma

Last night I had a dream that I had to spend the night in Fred Meyers with some people who seemed to either burst out singing at random times or change into a random character from Beauty and the Beast. There was no actual Beast though because Loki was sort of put in that position. He was there throughout the dream and occasionally would sing the Beast's part in the musical numbers. Throughout the dream I had to protect the children that were in the little daycare area from my pedophile ex-boyfriend. But I was so scared because no matter how many times I managed to lock him out, he'd somehow come back in and I tried to contact his mom over Facebook in the hope that she would take him away. During all the chaos people were singing, I was crying, and Loki was trying to protect me while I was trying to protect the children even though I was terrified. Then when the night was over, somebody I knew drove to come get me. I think it was either Samantha, Sam, or Alana because they're the only friends that have driven me somewhere before. So I got in the car with Loki and I was was yelling for them to to drive away as fast as they could because I knew I was being followed by my ex-boyfriend. I was so scared that I was just laying down on the seat with my head on Loki's lap and my hands covering my face so nobody could see me in the car and I couldn't see if I was being followed. And during the whole ride, BatB music was playing softly on the radio. I woke up extremely tired with BatB replaying from the beginning on my TV.