The Mysterious Girl

Date: 8/16/2017

By bsimplyours

I found myself amongst a group of people my ex boyfriend knows and works with, and my ex boyfriend, his friend I know and this girl who I didn't recognize but reminded me of his boss were the ones I clearly remember the most. My ex boyfriend (Caleb), didn't interact with me, knew I was present and vice versa but we didn't seem to hate each other. I remember at one point his friend, Aaron, was sitting next to me, we didn't say anything to each other, and felt we didn't hate each other also. At another point, the girl, tall and blonde, engaged and talked to me. She seemed like she wanted to be friends. We were all at the house I am living at, my friend Karen and her family. We were upstairs, went downstairs in the kitchen. Suddenly my mom comes running out from the upstairs bathroom, all anxious and upset saying the toilet clogged and needed the plunger, my friend Karen was occupying the other bathroom and my mom frantically knocked on it asking her for it. The girl turned to me, making fun of my mom and said "it seems like shes freaking out. why didnt she just look for one in the bathroom she was already in?" I went along and agreed with the girl instead of defending my mom but nicely said "i bet she looked first but it wasn't there." Towards the end of the dream we were all playing this game where couples matched up but I quickly paired/matched up with that girl. Much of the dream was in black or dark and the whole emotion was not happy.