Band room to risa's house

Date: 7/2/2017

By Julia624

Alright so I was in the band room and at somepoint S thought I had a boyfriend and started getting really touchy, even more so than when we were dating trying to figure out who it was. I told him I didnt have a boy friend, just a boy that was a friend. Then the director walked in and he stopped so I went and sat by the table in front of the library with M and I touched her back and she slapped my hand because she wasnt expecring it and made the Madi face and for some reason Sexton was there and she yelled at me for touching her and I played it off as we were high fiving and then she told me we couldn't high five on campus. NEW DREAM/CONTINUATION(?) A friends dad wanted to modify their car so that everyone contributed to driving. So we did that and I got a ride with them to risas house from the band room but I left all of my stuff at the band room and there was a trailer attached to the car and a bunch of risas family was at her house and it didnt look like her house.