Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So me and Alex were at the UD library bc I was getting research info on eyes? So I met Matt coyle on the top floor which is like the no talking one and he shushed me. And then I checked out my book. And underneath the library was a Christmas tree shop. And then I realized that we were supposed to stay in our dorms that night but I had NO stuff and neither did Alex and I didn't have my schedule and I didn't know what was happening. So I was like, let's go home, go to target and then come back and settle into our dorms. But also I didn't know who I was rooming with?? I missed the Facebook part or something? It was bad. And then I tripped coming out of the Christmas tree shop and Alex was like "you tripped like Ser" and I was like uh and apparently he did it in a college soccer game which she said "maybe bc they're teenagers it's more lenient." It was weird