party eavesdropping and shower time bully

Date: 2/5/2017

By Purple

I was in some stranger's home and there was a party going on. Everyone was having wine and I said I'll have some too, which surprised the hosts, but they gave me a glass and poured me some wine. But someone else was not present when they were asking, so I gave my cup to him. When they all toasted, I didn't have a cup in my hand, which made me feel a little awkward. I was enjoying myself very much at this day time party, but there was someone at the party who knew the same people as me, and they liked the people I didn't like. Someone mentioned that person I didn't like, and I said something very neutral. Suddenly, red-headed Patti seemed to have bionic hearing and approached to confront me by asking who was I talking about. I said, "What?" — not understanding how she could be eavesdropping and then jumping to negative conclusions without knowing the whole conversation or what my intentions were. I also felt like I had other enemies at the party, like the bitch I used to work with at the jewelry company. I felt her presence, and knew she was just talking shit about me. Scene changed. It must have been morning after the party. I was in someone else's home and about to take a shower, but I had to go to the back of the house to a private entrance to a separated bathroom. The walls were wood-paneled. I was about to get undressed when this bitch came by to start her mean practical joke with her friends. I didn't act surprised. I had a feeling she was plotting something. She tried to act innocent, but I wasn't buying it. I didn't directly confront her, but I heavily implied I knew she was up to no good. It took a few minutes for the bully and her cronies to finally leave. The time of day morphed and felt more like afternoon than morning. I hesitated to continue to undress until I felt it was safe to do so, which took a several minutes. Waking thoughts: Patti jumping to negative conclusions is exactly what the workplace bully has done in real life, on several occasions, but one instance in particular is when I recall hearing her telling lies about me to the boss.