guns and veggies

Date: 5/16/2017

By Tjika

I was in the hall of some sort of school building. We had some sort of break and were all just sitting and talking a bit. I had just arrived. Suddenly people cane in with guns. They had taken over the place and now picked a bunch of hostages. I was one of those hostages, but I was more annoyed than scared for some reason. Before they had come in I had started a conversation on my phone with some politician. I hadn't hung up when I pit it in my pocket, as I was hoping he would notice something was wrong and warn someone. They took us up a lot of stairs. While they were doing that I had my phone in my pocket which was still calling, or so I hoped anyway. Half way to wherever we were going though one of the kidnappers turned around and asked for my phone. I took it out of my pocket and saw it had already stopped calling. I gave the phone to him saying he had to take care of it, because I wanted it back someday. We were taken into a room. There was a dinner table with bowls filled with veggies, which I really didn't like. My mom was sitting in an audience watching all of the hostages. I knew she probably didn't realise we were hostages, she just thought this was a great opportunity to eat veggies. I knew that anyone who didn't eat it would just starve to death, like it was some kind of twisted death game to make people eat veggies. She said it was good for me and stuff, while I was just being really angry with her for not noticing something was seriously wrong here. I actually managed to eat some veggies before waking up. They tasted horrible.