Date: 1/16/2017

By bear

In the dream I was in my grandmothers house. There was a bookshelf that opened and went down stairs to a basement. I think it was her husbands ghost that inhabited that area. He did art and there was lots of art in the room.i think some of it was interactive and it moved. I remember a paper mache person floating in water like an island. When you looked closer there were red and green figures...I think they were set up like they were fighting or chasing. I think there were two sibling ghosts as well. Something about them just watching tv and a man saying well just hang out with them then, be together with them. And then seeing them laying in a bed, one was blackened like with ash from m a fire and he/she was insisting, don't tell my mom. I was a little surprised but not entirely frightened. In another dream I was doing a school project with a group. One of the girls was Erika from my high school English class. The assignment was a sort o play... she took over writing most of it and I chose the music. It was about a girl who hew into a woman. I was dancing to the song Goddess by Banks. There was another song I really wanted to dance to. During the song Erika wasn't moving much and there was a space of time I argued that the audience could get bored or zone out and that if I did interpretive dance it would help them understand what was going on and stay engaged. Erika didn't want that. I really felt it was the right thing. The background art was paper with colored pencil and crayon pictures. Another group managed to make there's move and different colors appear at different times.