The Adoc (ahs)

Date: 2/14/2017

By jevan

This dream was from about a week ago, but it was really vivid. It was the opening scene to a new season of american horror story the tv show. It was set in the midwest in the 50's and the cast were all outside the gates of a house, next to a mailbox with "the adoc" written in font hovering over the side of it. Most of the cast were there, and Sarah Pauldon looked directly into the 'camera' (my eyes) and said "welcome to the adoc". Then, the cast were all outside a big mansion and I realised they were witches (which is a recurring theme in a lot of my dreams, if anyone knows why hit me up) two characters that acted as like sentient totems. and frances conroy, dressed in a black veil approached the house and said "John Wayne; if you dare!" and then i woke up.