Childhood fantasy/trauma

Date: 4/20/2019

By Vagrant.Son

1. i was on randalls island when monsters attacked. one punch man heroes came to fight them, but it was a trap. the island itself was a giant monster. 2. it was lunch time at school. we were having breakfast for lunch. instead of sitting by myself i went and sat with the other kids from class. i put my plate on the table and before i could sit down, jarvis flipped my plate off the table, so i flipped his and went to ask for another plate from the lunch lady. she gave it to me and told me i need to stand up for myself. the coach came and took me to the office and said the same thing. he then gathered the class in front of the cafeteria and told me the same thing, which made jarvis and stormy mad, so they bith tried to fight me. stormy grabbed me by the colar and lifted me up to the ceiling. when he dropped me jarvis came and we began fighting. it was almost like a martial arts battle but extremely sloppy