Damn It Cole

Date: 8/25/2017

By kxxvs

Little Explanation: There is this guy named Cole who used to be in my old class and he was very annoying. He always loved to piss of people. And in this dream that's what he did. I was sitting at a table with some people, who I'm pretty sure I never even talk to. He was sitting at a table in front of us with a few other people. The class was dead silent because we were writing stuff down from a text book or something and he started making noises. Remind you, the teacher isn't in the class. Anyway, he makes noises that really get annoying and I get really annoyed with him, as well do the others and so I yell at him. Knowing him though, it'd just make it worse. And it was worse.. pretty much my whole dream contained of yelling at him and then people telling me to shut up because I was now more annoying than he was.