Bike ride

Date: 3/1/2019


I get off work and decide to ride a city bike home. I run across a house that seems foreclosed on. Everything from the outside looking in is old and run down the few open spaces are filled with junk. I look through the windows to see if anyone is there but no one is. At first I don't go in because it may be a retired veteran or a handicapped person living there. I twist the door knob and its unlocked plus there is no alarm. I look around all of the bedrooms are fully furnished. One has two beds and a desktop. Another has a day bed and pink frilly stuff and the master bedroom obviously belongs to a couple. It dongs on me that a family lives here. As I start to leave the master bed room to walk out the door the family comes home and she already knows I'm inside. At first I start to hide then I realize #1:there is nowhere to hide in the master bedroom and #2: if I run she'll think I was trying to rob the place. I simply walk out and attempt to explain to the mom that I thought it was foreclosed property and was just seeing if it was a type of home I liked. She was talking about me being/not being a Christian, and insisted I wait for her husband to come home.