My space journey

Date: 8/9/2019

By cesarsald

Me along with a group of other people are sent to the Moon however we can walk around as much as we want because the planet is full of vegetation and oxygen. One girl from my group I started to take interest in and I would get high with. She also seemed to take interest in me and wanted to talk a lot. We weren't the only group sent though because there were many other people sent to the spot we were at. Eventually we all held an event at a big building for a casual dance. Somehow I ended up naked there but I didn't care and no one else did either. I lost sight of the girl and later found her talking to other people. I didn't wanna bother them even I really wanted to talk to her. I would walk by and pretend I didn't see her (which I have a habit of doing irl). And so the rest of the night continued with my jelousy and regret. As I thought she might like another dude more than me. Then I woke up.