Date: 3/25/2017

By darlinglolita

Had a dream that I had a display of chips in my house like pringles like you would find in a grocery story and an orange soda bottle was stuck to the door of my fridge the oven was on and melting it the plastic and the sticker and I had to pull it off and clean it off And I was going through my fridge looking for something to eat like pasta and I kept finding old frozen pasta noodles like chunks and hunks of frozen pasta noodles in a big ball and I was going to reheat and eat them then my boyfriend face timed me and I missed his call and he face timed me again and I missed it and I called him back and he answered and there was a BBw on top of him shirtless and brakes with underwear on only and she had very short hair in a small pony tail with bangs and it was late and he told me "goodnight tranny #5" and he was very mad at me so doing it as revenge I guess and I screamed out his name and "no!!!" And he hung up