Public School and Utter Chaos

Date: 7/14/2018

By caitlynm14117

It was my first day of public school (irl I go to private school and always have). I was going to Newnan. I guess I drove there, and when I got out of my car in the parking lot, a girl from my old school named Sammie was there. I thought she lived in the McIntosh district, so I confronted her about it, and she said she lived in the EC district. This confused me because even if she did live in the EC district, why would she be at Newnan? Then I remembered I lived in the EC district too, and I was very suspicious that this school was actually EC and not Newnan. In the end, I concluded it was Newnan. Me and Sammie walked in and we had found life vests, or something like them, and put them on. When we walked in there was a big assembly sort of thing and we sat down in some of the only available seats. We couldn’t see the speaker from there. There were some other kids around who were snickering about our life vests or whatever, so we took them off. Then they dismissed us to first period. Ours was English. I remember along the way to first period I saw a girl from my old gym named Sophie and I said hi, although she didn’t seem to remember me. Then I got really confused because I knew she went to McIntosh for sure, but here she was at Newnan. Me and Sammie walked into this big classroom with tables and we saw a guy from our old school named Kamou. Then the scene changed and I was at home. I had neighbors on either side of my house and they were so so weird. The guy on the left was this gay rock musician and he and his band played on my lawn every day. Not his lawn, my lawn. On the right side of my house was this perverted old man who was in love with me. To make things worse, I had a window that looked right onto his house, so he would always be out there. No one believed he was creepy to me, so he was always over at my house all the time. I remember one night he carved his face onto an apple and somehow got it into my room and that meant he was watching me while I slept. Like he could see me through the apple. One day my parents had some kind of party and they invited my neighbors and my aunt and cousins and a bunch of other people to our house. I remember I was redoing my room and all that was left was my bed and this fake tree that I had under my bed. I needed to get rid of that tree, so my cousins and I decided the best way to do this was to flush it down the toilet. Somehow this worked. Then my cousins told me their friend would give me a makeover. So in walks this pregnant lady who literally looked so old. She said something along the lines of “We’re going to fix you right up, hon,”. Then she proceeded to change my clothes for me right in front of everyone, including the pervert, and when she was done I realized my right boob was hanging out and the perverted guy was enjoying it way too much. No one else seemed to notice and/or care. Then I went to the kitchen and the pervert picked up this book called “Graduates Guide: 1957-1977”. “I don’t know anyone who graduated from 1957 to 1977,” he said. “When did you graduate?” I asked. “1956,” he answered. I did EXACT math in the dream and exclaimed, “So you’re 80?” To this he smiled and laughed. I was super surprised because, trust me, this guy did not look 80. Then the scene changed and I was back at school. It was the second day, and I went to first period. Instead of tables, there were tons of desks. And it was weird because the whole room was on this really sharp slant so all the desks ran into each other against the back wall. Like the rows were straight, but I don’t know how the desks at the front of the row didn’t just fall. That’s how steep this slant was. Anyway, we settled in to do some work, and I remember these girls moved all of the desks out of my row to be in a group, and I got really mad about that for some reason. Then the scene changed to what I think was soccer practice. We had to run by this tree, and everyone else ran around it’s branches, but I figured since I was short I could just run under them. I was wrong. The branches kept getting lower and lower until I was literally on my stomach. When I tried to get out, I realized the spiky grass had gotten stuck in my sweatshirt, so I was stuck to the grass and I couldn’t get out. Then I woke up.