Old Western Witches and discrimination.

Date: 1/30/2017

By Fitful

I was home for the holidays visiting my mother and grandma. It was Christmas. I was helping with the cooking showing some guy there, I'm not sure who he was, how to make apple pie and chocolate cake vegan with a few simple substitutions. I kept showing him and he kept forgetting and wanted me to do it instead. I didn't, I kept getting dressed. I took a shower and put on a terry cloth bathrobe and got dressed, then snuck out across the street. Where we lived looked like some old western with just one long dusty road between two rows of old timey buildings. I snuck across the street to a house of Witches, apparently I was a witch and had been for a while but my family didn't know. I think either I was dating their son, or people thought I was, or that was the rumor so I could go over there. I kept getting caught up in my visits and didn't leave fast enough, finally I stayed out all night. They were good company and my family annoyed me a lot they had too many rules and were too strict in keeping me conforming, even on simple as short as a holiday they tried to force me back into their mold. Back home the pie and cake still weren't complete and my family was furious about me staying out all night with a boy. As I was old enough to do this I felt silly being scolded and it wasn't like that anyway. I didn't stay out with him all night fucking, I think I was spell crafting. I walked outside again wanting to escape across the street. Instead next door called me, I sensed witchcraft and found a few buildings down a rented place full of cast away witches. Men and women, all discards of society, all witches and all barely more than homeless. They lived pack into this place and like animals, they didn't have anything. I saw this all through the window and turned into a little grey kitten to infiltrate and gather more information. They caught me straight away and scared me with their large threats against my little cat self. I left reluctantly, I really did want to help them, I just didn't know how. On the way home I passed another entrance to a room, there were two little girls in it, 13 years old. Normal blonde things, all dolled up in outrageous makeup. It wasn't even well done, it was just plain over the top trashy makeup. Not even worth a drag queen awesome. However despite the exaggerated effect it was perfectly placed. I soon learned form them they thought they had to wear makeup like this all the time. The woman who kept them taught them that. They were constantly doing their makeup and I watched for a while. Finally I couldn't take it and while the​ other one was distracted doing her face I pulled one aside and washed all the make up off. The I tried to explain how makeup was suppose to work. That it was supposed to look like it wasn't there, enhancing everything, without being obvious. It wasn't completely how I felt about make up, in my head I did realize the Gothic look I favored didn't follow these rules, but I was trying to put it into simple terms to get through to the child who was obviously brainwashed. I don't think she got it fully though she did think about what I said for a second. At home my mom and grandma dragged me out of the house just after I got the cake and pie done. We went to a bakery. It was a beautiful bakery, and I felt short, like my normal height was cut. The counters were all over my head by a few feet and the adults were all like giants. Anyway my grandmother wanted me to get a job at the bakery. She was being very forward about it. I thought about it, until I saw them putting eggs in the apple pie crust and serving dishes with meat in them. Their apple pie did look good but I felt uncomfortable with the idea of eating it. And I felt uncomfortable with the idea of working in a place where I would have to handle meat and cheese and eggs and dairy and serve it to other people. I didn't want to work there.