The most lucid dream I've ever had

Date: 7/27/2017

By hellhounda55

Well it started off non lucid.. I was with Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o and we were all doing stupid shit. Steve-o tried to jump off the roof of the hotel into the pool but fell on the concrete and broke his ribs. He was taken to the hospital then I was with bam margera. He hurt himself somehow but I realized it was a dream and healed him. After this I tried to break the fence with my fist cause I wanted to see the extent of my "power". I broke it but everything went dark and I almost came out of the dream. I focused on the dream and I was back. Non lucid again though. I remember being part of some game and I won so my prize was going to any universe I wanted. I pressed a couple buttons on a watch and I was sent flying through hyperspace (the space between universes). I went into another universe where I was alive and found my room. It was very different. The bed was really small but in the center of the room. There were two other beds also. That's when I walked in. It was the first time I've ever seen myself in a dream before. It was weird. We said almost the same exact things at the same exact time. After that a timer was running out on my watch and I had to get back to my universe. So I said goodbye to myself, pressed a few buttons and was shot out of the universe again. It took me a while to find my universe but I eventually did. I pressed a few buttons and a vortex opened up from my universe. I went straight into it and was sucked back into my universe now lucid that I was dreaming. I came back in my room and just took in the surroundings trying to make the dream as stable as possible. I focused on every sense I could. Then I remember seeing everything so clearly. It's like my eyes were 4K cameras or something. This was when I knew the dream was stable. I walked out of my room and there were a few people there. Three girls, a black and white girl I didn't know and my girlfriend. I was kinda lucid kinda not at this point and was waiting till the night so I could have sex with my gf. I ended up becoming fully lucid and was like fuck it and we had a 4-way... it was the sexiest god damn dream ever. Sadly I don't remember a lot of the sex I just knew that it was sexy. When I was about to cum in my dream I closed my eyes and for some reason when I close my eyes in a dream I wake up. So I woke up but when I went back to sleep I had no more dreams.