The series of new unfortunate events.

Date: 1/22/2019

By miner9

The dream started out as me and my dream sister being kids passed along different groups of people all claiming to help us, when it was clear some of them weren’t good. We were zooming around the city with different people, including my dream parents at different times, and the adults continued to die helping us. Eventually we got to some safety alone, and that’s when the dream changed. It’s showed some scenes from later in the dream that involved the Baudelaires who aided us, and it showed that those scenes actually went differently from the original dream, and the Baudelaires were actually evil. No worse than that they were food obsessed German maniacs. Well except Violet who disappeared. So our interactions were a lot more sinister, and the call we thought we took with Sunny was actually with a cheese danish, which later Sunny took the batch of them and stabbed them all in a jealous rage.