World ending

Date: 5/2/2017

By kamrynsmomma16

So I had this dream lastnight where me, my bf, and our daughter were asleep and my bf wakes me up while he's holding the diaper bag and our daughter. Well he tells me there's asteroids hitting earth and well on hit next to our house and it crushed 5 houses down from ours and we get in our car freaking out and everything. Well as soon as we backed out of the garage we get killed by a plane that was cut in half from another plane we saw in the air. Well just before I woke up from my nightmare in that dream it felt so real that I could really feel myself moving in my sleep. Well I finally snapped out of it and wake up to myself crying to where I called my bestfriend/sister to calm me down and to tell me that the dream I had wasn't real.