Opening Night

Date: 4/17/2019

By chrisperry24

It was opening night at riverhead. It was a normal Saturday morning. I got off of work and was ready for the race. For some reason I drove to the track by myself and i drove almost to the track when I realized I had forgot my wallet. And a sweatshirt. And my bag that I always bring. Basically all I had was my phone and my car. I didn’t wanna drive all the way back bc it was already 11:00 (for some reason we were at the track that early) so I had my mom bring me some money and a coat. Idk why she didn’t just bring my wallet but she brought me $60. When I finally got to the track I was confused because there was a 1A tour mod and a 1A legend. Artie was driving both of them. Also Jerry was there with the 21. Also weird. Artie was 23rd in tour mod practice and he ran a 12.3 and everyone was pissed. In the legend race everyone thought jerry blew his rear out on the first lap which was hilarious. He came in to the pits and we realized that he snapped 2 bolts in the rear suspension somewhere and he was really happy bc his rear wasn’t blown out. By the time we got done diagnosing Jerry’s issues we went back to the track to find the legend race was over. Davidowitz was driving Paul’s car and he won. Artie wasn’t in the top 5 but prob a little after that I don’t remember he was complaining that the tires weren’t broken in (foreshadowing I really hope not). So then uhhhhhhhh yeah that’s all I remember