The Tour of Africa

Date: 4/20/2017

By SpinierFormula4

It's field day and the entire middle school is there. I don't see any of my friends yet so I decide to explore. I see Kelly (A girl who is particularly hated by me in real life) With a line of boys to her. I wonder why there are boys lining up to see her when Richard is next and he walks up to her. She then proceeds to SUCK HIS YOU KNOW WHAT! I'm obviously shocked so I text my mom, who proceeds to call 911 for some reason. Police, Fire department, ambulances, you name it all showed up on the field and started taking people into ambulances and/or arresting them. They started screaming to evacuate the field, so I decide to evacuate to Africa. With my family, excluding my dog for some reason. While there I meat the prince of the entire continent of Africa, who might I add, is a middle aged white man. He starts to gush about how amazing Africa is when he gets a call on his flatscreen T.V. We asks if he needs to take this and answer, it's the Prince's second. The prince is incredibly confused as to how we did that and asks the second to step out of the T.V. and come to the window. We assure him that no one is actually in the T.V. and he tells us that we are much smarter than him so we deserve his shape shifting robot. We are confused but agree and a very modern and sleek looking 5"12 robot steps out and greets us with a cute friendly voice. Robot (Which is his name) tells us we should go see Africa. We agree and exit the castle to the market outside. When we reach the exit we step outside to find ourselves in the middle of a Chinese style market. Robot leads us through various stalls, one of which has an entire cooked pig covered in chocolate and all different kinds of fruit. Another stall was also cooking something, and as we walked passed, a stove flared up. Robot jumped and transformed into one of his variations, a small about frog sized very fats variant. Think Ben Ten mixed with Beast Boy, you could still very clearly tell that it was robot but there were only a set number of transformations. Robot jumped on my shoulder and stayed there until we suddenly realized he was gone. We all retraced our steps and found him, staring at a stall. The stall was a carnival style knock over the bottles with the ball and get a prize kind of thing. The prize where these stuffed fluffy Baymax toys. Robot seemed to really want one so we decided to play, but we couldn't seem to hit a single ball. Robot seemed really upset as we were leaving but the lady in the stall called out to us and when we turned she tossed Robot a toy.