Arcade and Outside

Date: 7/20/2017

By Avniel

I was at this arcade and I started playing this odd guitar game and I was having trouble choosing a song and then the timer ran out. Then I woke up in my home but we were in some desert and there was this weird blob creature spewing out its newborns and I ran to the living and decided to go outside with my friend and suddenly I was outside my home and everything was normal and nothing looked like a desert and I was racing these furry dudes, one was a red dragon and had yellow hair, the other was a yellow bear and the last one was a big blue bear. As we were getting to the finish line which was a bus stop, some other red dragon used some teleportation device and teleported to the finish line and somehow i downloaded the device on the sidewalk and used it and got 3rd place. The first red dragon said it was unfair how I got a device and I was cheating so I decided to give him third place instead. The blue bear walked out and said that it's time for me to get my own true device and I got one.