AWOL Caitlyn and Hooot Lifeguard

Date: 1/26/2017

By ace200

I remember in the beginning Caitlyn took me and some other girls to the beach for her birthday. She kept talking about parties she was going to, she was wearing tons of makeup, and just acting like some snotty popular girl and I was so pissed off. I found out she was going to Callie's party and was even more pissed because I wasn't invited (in real life) and am closer to Callie then Caitlyn is and wondered if it had to do with how I didn't go to Kiera's grinding party. This part was so much better. I was at this resort with my family. Zoe, my sister, and I were in the pool, just messing around. I was teaching her how to do backflips after seeing my cousin do one. I was also asking her random questions like "Who is your favorite Glee character?" I remember her odd response was, "Miss Glee," and she pointed at my mom who was dressed like a Glee Fangirl. So then, there was this super tan lifeguard with brown messy hair. He kind of looked like Heath Ledger, just tanner. We kept making eye contact and I smiled at him and he came over eventually and was recommending restaurants for my family to go to. He recommended one and turned to me and said, "You should definitely order the burger because they are the best there." And I said, "I will. I trust your instincts." After he left my mom started getting all weird and was like "Ally, he is sooooo cute," and I was like, "Mom, shut up!" I was like in a waking up stage and had a little control over this, but my mind was still wandering, so I got to a point where he and I were on the beach together, just walking on the shore. We were then laying on towels and I asked him if he thought I was pretty. He said I was beautiful. Then I woke up completely.