Kendall Vertes

Date: 7/23/2017

By hailthesillynick

So I was chasing my celebrity crush, Kendall Vertes, around as she was wearing a one piece black bikini on! Man, I have had TONS of sexual dreams about this bitch here! This is just one of them! Or, maybe I could do em all! Here's the many dreams I had of this beautiful ass dancer, now! as for I think that I had about 4 or 5 of them. More like 5. Anyways you guys, let's begin: 1. Invading the dance studio with my fellow clown friends. Yep, the teacher (Abby Lee Miller) announced that I, Nick Currie was on his way to get Kendall! So, all of the girls ganged up on me and kicked me on the floor and it felt PHENOMENAL. 2. Me taking pictures of Kendall Vertes. Yep, I actually have that feeling that Kendall is oh, so damn hot and sexy, that I even have I plan to take pictures of her, and oh, i did too alright. I the way of screenshoting. Now that's why I added Deja Vu as the tags. Because I did alright. 3. Chasing Kendall as well as splashing a big bucket of water on her like the ALS challenge. YEAH! Kendall got splashed and owned, bitch! And she got oh, so very mad and angry at me because I did mischief on her like that without even asking her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 4. Laughing Kendall at her at her house in the driveway. Oh yeaaah!! OH YEAAAH!! You're dead now, Kendall! DEAD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Until one of the parents come out and chew me out about why that there is that I'm laughing at all of those girls)? And then Nick Currie responds: Because they are very pretty and plus, uhhhh look at it this way: they're dancers. They should be laughed at for their sexy deeds that they did around the whole universe by punk teenagers, anyway. So that's the answer if that's why..... Get it? Good! Now anyways, fuck off! 5. Shaking my nose at Kendall. Yep, you kind of figured that this one was coming. Kendall Vertes is just so pretty, wears a lot of makeup, and most definitely, a dancer celebrity. Hard enough that once I, Nick Currie, got to meet her, I got so overly excited, that I got myself into the mode of shaking my nose, running around in circles laughing, and showing her my music and saying: "I know you, baby. You're Kendall K as your name on YouTube. If you want to know all of my other songs other than this one, then just go on my YouTube channel as for it's called Nick Currie and look at the playlist called "my fucking best hits everrrr!" Man, I sure hope in the fucking hell that you look it up. Because most people when they say that they like my music and noises that I make as for that's because I may be demonic as my true nature by the way. ARE LYING. Yes, definitely lying. As they already look it up, too. DON'T BE THAT WAY, KENDALL! because if you do, I will not have a crush on you as for which celebrity I would most likely have a crush on. Which is fine with me because of considering the fact I have another celebrity crush after you: Hannah Lochner.