The love

Date: 6/18/2017

By Rigby

I had a dream that there was a family. The family was gone, but a younger boy of about 12 was in the house. A person called to confirm a flight, and he knew it was all wrong. It was supposed to be a voice recording, not an actual person on the other line. He let the machine get it. And then he ran out the door. Then it went to the family. They got home, and their son was gone. They searched all over. The son, now blue and transparent, talk to his dad. His dad seemingly responded to simple stuff, but ignored other comments. His dad said "I wonder where my son is. " the son screamed." I'm here dad, I'm here! ". The dad left, and realized he hadn't heard from his son to talk for the day about how he took care of the house. The house was messy, but at first, the dad thought his son was just being messy. Upon closer look, he realized something had happened, and it was bad. Whoever did something to his house had meticulously made it look like his son was just a slob. He calls for a search team. His other son, wife, and a group of people an dolce go looking for him. The dad gets a feeling, and goes to the airport. There, he found a strange looking man in a trench coat. He seemed very malicious. The dad knew he had something to do with It. The man had shut down the airport - possibly abandoned? The missing son was there, screaming "it was him, dad!" the dad attacks the man, while the man laughed. Cut to the mom, searching in the forest. She stumbles on something, and finds her son's body. She screams. He was freezing, blue, and wet. Cpr is performed. The spirit runs back to his body, screaming that they need to try harder. And they try as hard as they can. And the boy wakes up. The mother sits there comforting him, thanking God he's back. Then she noticed that his brother wasn't there with him. They run back home, but it's miles away. The dad, bloodied and bruised, runs home. The strange man seemingly vanished. When he gets home, he is again talking to himself. And then he sees a large pool, with a neon sign above (?) it. He begins talking about his sons, and how much he's a failure, and all the things he wants to be as a father. He talks about how pained he is about his sons. He wants to die. The other brother, now missing, is also blue and transparent. He's in the pool. He's screaming to his dad. He loves his dad, he love the shitty burgers he makes. When he hears that his dad wants to die, he becomes angry. He screams. With all his might, he changes the neon sign. The dad sees it flicker, and change from a generic message to "FUCKING LIVE". Then the son is screaming. He's flicking between a feminine voice, and his voice. Then the pool explodes, and a body comes out of the pool. A girl's body. The dad rushes over, and gets ready to start CPR. But the girl is fine. She stands up. She says "dad, you have to live. I love you" the dad is confused. "I don't have any Daughters. Who are you? " the girl looks down. She says" I was afraid to tell you about who I wanted to be.. I don't know what happened. I don't know how I'm a girl now. But I can lead you to my other body." the dad hugged her very tightly, and the girl began telling him things about his son that would be impossible for anyone else to know. Games, code words, dates of events, locations. And then I woke up